Japanese-style weaning menu for 6 months baby in 30 days

Japanese-style weaning menu for 6 months baby in 30 days

1. Notes when cooking porridge for 6-month-old baby Although to process baby food for 6-month-old baby, mother does not need too many ingredients and fussy cooking. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Do not use cold water to cook porridge for babies.
When cooking porridge for babies, mothers should use hot water to help retain nutrients in rice. Using cold water will cause the rice grains to soak up the water. And it will swell, causing nutrients to expand and dissolve.
Moreover, using cold water to cook porridge will take time and make the taste of the porridge less delicious.
Do not boil porridge (reheat porridge) many times in a day
Because the baby is 6 months old, the amount of food is very little. So when cooking porridge, mother should consider not to cook too much. And if it’s too much, you can sift it and keep it cold, but you shouldn’t reheat the porridge several times a day.
Reheating porridge many times when making a weaning menu for a 6-month-old baby will make the porridge lose its vitamins and lose its deliciousness.
Should choose seasonal vegetables to ensure food safety.
The selection of seasonal vegetables ensures freshness. Avoiding residues of pesticides, preservatives, etc. to the fullest extent.
It is best, if possible, to choose vegetables and fruits that are grown by themselves or grown organically with no drugs at all.
Do not defrost food with hot water or leave it at room temperature.
Food (especially meat and fish) is stored in the freezer compartment. When the mother needs to take out and process for the baby, remember that. Never defrost with boiling water or room temperature. This practice allows bacteria to grow and spoil the food.
Moreover, defrosting with hot water also causes nutrients to be evaporated and lost, and at the same time reduces the freshness of food.
The best way to defrost is before processing, put it in the refrigerator for a day so that the food has time to defrost slowly but still at the temperature to keep it fresh.
2. Japanese style baby food menu for 6 months in 30 days
Same way as above.
Day 1, day 2: White porridge ratio 1:10 with Apple juice
Day 3: Weaning menu for 6 months baby with 1:10 white porridge, grated carrot, Dashi water.
Day 4: Milk and butter
Day 5: White porridge 1: 10, seaweed shaved fish, mashed zucchini.
Day 6: Porridge of radish, pumpkin and Dashi juice.
Day 7: Mashed sweet corn, porridge 1:10, susu.
Day 8: Weaning menu for 6 months baby with 1:9 porridge, zucchini and spinach.
Day 9: Sweet potatoes mixed with breast milk
Day 10: Corn spore porridge.
Day 11: White porridge 1: 9 with extra olive oil, dashi juice, hot vegetables.
Day 12: Potatoes mixed with breast milk.
Day 13: 1:9 white porridge with extra olive oil, cabbage, tomatoes
Day 14: Weaning menu for 6 months baby with chicken cream cheese, apple and banana puree with breast milk
Day 15: Broccoli sprouts porridge, tomatoes, peach juice
Day 16: Red radish porridge, purple sweet potato, grape juice.
Day 17: Pumpkin milk with peas.
Day 18: Egg yolk porridge with drops of olive oil, pear juice
Day 19: White porridge with olive oil, chips, onions, apple juice.
Day 20: Carrot porridge, olive oil, peas, corn pandan leaves, mashed black plum.
Day 21: Weaning menu for 6-month-old baby changes meals with bread mixed with milk
Day 22: Porridge with walnut oil, seaweed, millet, pumpkin.
Day 23: Oatmeal porridge, broccoli, purple cabbage
Day 24: Oatmeal porridge, bell peppers, cauliflower, kale
Day 26: Green bean porridge, centella asiatica
Day 27: Weaning menu for 6-month-old baby with spinach porridge, green squash.
Day 28: Oat porridge, sweet potato, papaya, chia seeds
Day 29: Sticky bean porridge, onion, cheese
Day 30: Milk bread soup, apple puree.
Above are the knowledge about weaning and also suggest to mothers the simple, easy-to-do but full-quality weaning menus for 6-month-old babies. Good luck moms.
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